Angus & Julia Stone

October 27, 2008

Angus & Julia Stone: This sibling duo hail from Sydney, Australia. Along with their amazing accents, they also give us amazing folk-pop music. At first, their vocals are a little hard to grasp. Angus’ voice reminds me a little of Damien Rice, while Julia’s voice reminds me slightly of another eccentric singer, Joanna Newsom. The two say they derive their music from listening to the 60’s and 70’s music of their parents. Their song “Paper Aeroplane” was a pretty silent hit but left its impression. It also is one of my favorite songs by them.

Unfortunately, their full length album, A Book Like This, was not released in the U.S. yet. Although, iTunes finally features their EP, Just A Boy. Apparently, the track “What You Wanted” was recently featured on the NBC series Lipstick Jungle. This will hopefully prompt them to release their amazing debut album.

Currently, they are touring the UK but are heading for the States in November.

11/17- San Diego, CA

11/18- Hollywood, CA

11/19- San Francisco, CA

11/22- New York, NY

I’m hoping to get to the New York show. I mean for $8 I am willing to take the trip to see them perform.

Songs to check out:

1.) The Beast:

2.) Wasted

3.)  Jewels & Gold:

4.) Private Lawns

5.) Just a Boy

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