Best of 2008

December 8, 2008

Best New Artists of 2008



Amazing, amazing voice. Please go download her Grammy-nominated debut album, 19. The title? Her age. Take a listen and you won’t believe it.

Recommended songs: (Honestly, the whole album.) Tired, Hometown Glory, Chasing Pavements

No Kids


You can check out my post about these guys. 

Recommended songs: For Halloween, The Beaches Are Closed, Bluster in the Air



She’s been writing for years, and her debut album definitely shows that. Mixing R&B, hip-hop, and electronic, Santogold is a less pop-y M.I.A. (“Paper Planes“). I can’t wait to hear the next album.

Recommended songs: (Honestly, her whole self-titled album is amazing.) Creator, Starstruck, I’m A Lady

Laura Marling


Pretty voice, truthful lyrics. She is also part of another band by the name of Noah & The Whale, but she can do much better all on her own. Check out her amazing album, Alas I Cannot Swim.

Recommended songs: Ghosts, My Manic And I, New Romantic

Lykke Li


Unique voice/style meets unique pop. There’s no way of defining her music really. You either like it, or you don’t. I, for one, cannot stop listening to her song “Everybody But Me.”

Recommended songs: Everybody But Me, Tonight, Breaking It Up

Best Albums of 2008

1.) Sia: some people have REAL problems


I cannot rave enough about Sia. Great lyrics, great music, and one amazing voice. Unfortunately, she was snubbed by the Grammy’s, but she is making her impression on the music scene pretty well on her own.

2.) Hot Chip: Made in the Dark


Indie-pop electronic-misfits who are closeted romancers…go take a listen.

3.) Dr. Dog: Fate 


You can check out my post about these guys.

4.) Gnarls Barkley: The Odd Couple


Nothing can top their debut album, St. Elsewhere, but the duo, aka DJ Dangermouse and Cee-Lo, decided to take it to another level with their sophomore album. It’s good enough to listen to while we wait for their next album, which they are supposedly working on. Can’t wait.

5.) TV on the Radio: Dear Science


Their previous album, Return to Cookie Mountain, received critical acclaim from everyone, and their recently released album is building up buzz once again. A great alternative-rock band that experiments with R&B-pop. Crazy variety, amazing album.

Best Songs of 2008

Ratatat: Mirando [LP3]

I am a die-hard Ratatat fan after listening to their albums Ratatat, Classics, and LP3. All great albums from these electronic-rock players.

Beck: Volcano/Youthless [Modern Guilt]

Dangermouse (from Gnarls Barkley) teams up  with Beck to make a pretty decent album. These two songs are the best.

She & Him: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? [Volume One]

You may know lead singer, Zooey Deschanel, from the Will Ferrell movie “Elf.” She teams up with other indie musician M. Ward to make one pretty song with a great ending.

Sam Sparro: Black & Gold [Sam Sparro]

It seems like the only good music we get is derived from overseas…ooh America. Sam gives pop-electronica a new spin. This song is just too hard to get out of your head. Oh…and what a voice!

MGMT: The Youth/Electric Feel [Oracular Spectacular]

You can find these songs on TV, in movies, and now all over the net. Critics rave about the album, but I find it to be for those with an acquired taste. Although, these two songs are definite stand-outs.


3 Responses to “Best of 2008”

  1. captspaulding said

    I definitely agree with a lot of your picks here. MGMT only has about three to four songs I like, but I REALLY like them. Toss up between Kids and Electric Feel

    Hot Chip’s release was one of my favorites. I got my first taste of it in my car after working an overnight and I was blown away by Shake a Fist.

    Santogold is also a solid pick. Right up there with M.I.A. (Side note)Got the chance to see M.I.A. in NYC before she blew up and she’s for real. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

  2. Nate said

    I love Ratatat! Loud pipes is definitely my favorite. It’s the one I heard first and HAD to hear more. Oracular spectacular is great too! I’m definitely going to have to find some more Ratatat though after listening to Mirando.

  3. pete4ya said

    captspaudling: YES. “Kids” is actually good too. And “Shake A Fist” and “Wrestlers” are my favorite songs on Hot Chip’s album. Although, the whole album itself is just really cool. I’m so jealous you got to see M.I.A.. My friend actually went into her tour bus a couple months ago at a Diesel Party in NYC. No one had any idea she was pregnant. It was crazy.

    Nate: YES. “Loud Pipes” is amazing from that album (“Classics”). “Gettsyburg” and “Nostrand” are also amazing. It has to be one of my favorite albums by them. There new one comes in close second though. It’s pretty damn good. If you liked “Mirando,” you should check out “Imperials” from their album, LP3, that recently came out.

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