November 24, 2008

beirut060807_560Beirut: This 22 year-old has been catching buzz since his release of Gulag Orkestar in 2006. Zach Condon started making music at the age of 15. Starting out with electronic lo-fi music, he slowly worked his way into melodies and orchestral elements. A high school drop-out, Zach decided to travel to Europe with his brother. This was when he was exposed to gypsy music, and he instantly fell in love. He recruited others to help him out with a release through his label, Ba Da Bing. Doing this, he added an assortment of instruments to the mix: accordions, ukulele (which he learned how to play), mandolin, trumpet, (something called a) glockenspiel, and (another unique item) a euphonium. [Curious? Wikipedia is your best friend.]

beirut_flyingclubcupAfter releasing a number of EPs and his debut (Gulag Orkestar), his last release The Flying Cup Club received a lot of positive reviews from critics and fans from all over. Once you step into Beirut’s world, you will find yourself in an indie-bohemian-pop wonderland. With Zach’s rich, deep voice, he gives a unique approach to the music world that typical artists could never attempt.

LA BLOGOTHEQUE (good luck reading it) has a plethora of artists perform live in the most interesting places. Check out youtube for performances by others. Here is Beirut walking through the streets singing “Nantes” (The Flying Cup Club), which is one of my favorites:

Unfortunately, Beirut had to cancel his upcoming tour. It was later confirmed he was briefly admitted to an hospital due to extreme exhaustion. Thankfully, he is back to normal and working on his next album, which I am dying to hear. Zach will be releasing a double-EP in February on his own record label, Pompeii records.

Other songs to check out:

1.) Elephant Gun

2.) Cliquot

New fact I just discovered: Cliquot is actually not sung by Zach on the album. It is sung by another unique artist by the name of Final Fantasy (not related to the game at all). In this video, it is the lead singer for Grizzly Bear.

3.) In The Mausoleum (amazing performance)

4.) Scenic World

5.) The Penalty

Have a great Thanksgiving ya’ll.



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