September 14, 2008

There’s a lot of music I am discovering that I would like to share with you. Right now I am getting used to WordPress. Lots of reading. And lots of cleaning.

For now, take a listen to one of my favorite artists: Sia. Her album “some people have REAL problems” came out at the beginning of the year. She garnered attention for her (overplayed yet still musically beautiful) song “Breathe Me.” Take a look at her recent videos…

She just performed her third single, “Soon We’ll Be Found,” on David Letterman. It is classic Sia. And very beautiful.

Her second single, “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine.”

Her first single, “Day Too Soon.” The acoustic version is too good to ignore honestly.

¬†Originally her record company said no to the song “Buttons,” but after it became a viral hit within weeks, it became a hidden track for “some people have REAL problems.” Here she is on Jimmy Kimmel doing it…

Enjoy. And I’ll be back with more.